“Chroma” refers to the purity and intensity of color. Vibrant, textured, and intelligently layered, our work gives habitable expression to our clients’ joys and aspirations.

Partners Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins
Partners Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins

Chroma is a client-centered interior design studio based in San Francisco. Our experimental ethos, meticulous approach, and sophisticated yet subversive aesthetic manifest in beautifully human spaces with warmth, authenticity, and intention.


Alexis Tompkins and Leann Conquer are the yin and yang of Chroma. They lead a radically creative team in the holistic design of your home.

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We engage you in our proven five-step process—from discover to install—to earn your trust and confidence in our vision for your home.


We align on your aesthetic goals, preliminary budget, timeline, and our scope of work. We center you in the discovery process, learning about your likes, loves, joys, and aspirations, as we begin exploring what your space can become through programming studies and preliminary floor plans.


We verify your developed budget and timeline, and you authorize our scope of work. We create a conceptual primer for your home that includes mood boards, material and color palettes, floor plans, and furnishings.


Delving into the details, we develop technical space plans and “DD” (design development) architectural drawings, then source your unique furnishings, fixtures, and materials using the primer to guide our selections. We present proposal packages for written approval of selections and move into production.

Acquire and Renovate

As we procure your furnishings and fixtures, we request funds required for acquisition. We track and inspect all items upon receipt, coordinating directly with the vendors to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship are achieved. We complete “CD” (construction document) architectural drawings and work directly with builders, conducting inspections and site visits, to ensure our design intent is realized.


Our team expertly facilitates the installation of furnishings and artwork. We curate every exquisite detail, placing each unique piece with purpose, and help you make aesthetic selections in anticipation of your housewarming party.

Partners Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins
Partners Leann Conquer and Alexis Tompkins

From conceptualizing to styling, the Chroma team imbues the look and feel of each space with aesthetic rigor and sublime comfort.


The Partners

Alexis Tompkins
Creative Partner

Tompkins’s appreciation of the romance and responsibilities of home has deep roots. She is fascinated by the architectural intimacy and humanity of houses. A curious mind and open-hearted listener, she relishes customization and is attuned to each client’s tastes and personalities. Tompkins is a scholar of art history and a design connoisseur, having studied thousands of artists, movements, and masterworks. Her cognitive strengths—an exceptional visual memory, a sensitive eye for color (including the nuances of neutrals), and an aptitude for crafting serene complexity out of chaos—are assurance of clients’ profound and engaging experience with Chroma.

Leann Conquer
Managing Partner

The daughter of a mechanical engineer with a career in quality control, Conquer has a talent for choreographing complex renovations and newly built interiors. She enjoys liaising with homeowners, architects, contractors, and artisans, developing methodical processes that start with intelligent forecasting and end with impeccable execution. Conquer excels at capturing the data most relevant to achieving your timeline and budget goals. She answers your questions before you’ve even thought of them, so you can relax and trust the process. A trained interior designer, Conquer is an essential facilitator for Tompkins’s ideation, ensuring Chroma’s work achieves the extraordinary.

The Team

Alida Britt
Design Assistant
Emily Poole
Brand Coordinator
Heidi Schwarz
Senior Designer
Jaidyn Ondrejik
Project Designer
Jennifer Newbury
Purchasing Coordinator
Lindsay Cimoli
Project Designer
Mandy Ferrell
Executive Assistant
Rommel Bellas
Project Designer
Sam Livermore
Studio Assistant
Spencer Tompkins
Design Research Liaison
Stephen Stout
Senior Designer
Tawnia Dugan
Designer + Expeditor
Victor Fernandes
Senior Designer

Our Collaborators

Anthony Nguyen
Creative Consultant
Craig Tompkins
Ian Mesey
Creative Consultant
Marie Otsuka
Website Development
Ordeñana Group
Brand Creative Direction + Website Design
Sarah Kramer
Scott Runcorn
Tiret + Company
Vincent Garguilo